Let me tell you a bit about myself. 

I love to hype people up and make people feel seen. To help capture people in their truest form. I’m an optimist- always chasing the light, seeing the good. I think that’s why I’m good at what I do. I’m always looking for the love in any moment.

I'm based in Michigan but I'm available for travel. I went to Grand Valley State University where I got my degree in Photography. I never thought I’d be doing this with my degree, but I am overjoyed. I find myself wanting to pinch myself constantly because I love what I do so much.

I love meeting new people, dancing and exploring new places. Which when you think about it, it's all the makings for a wedding, so it's a dream job for me.

I love coffee and singing very loud in my car. I love music and I try and play it at sessions if the space/vibe is right. If you want to listen to 2000s pop punk/emo, know I will sing along with you, always.

If I’m not taking photos then I’m probably at a concert, traveling, reading, hanging with my boyfriend or my nieces! I wanted to include a few photos that can show my personal life a bit! I love a good adventure or flower arrangement. I also have a cat, Gibson, he’s 6 and he’s the love of my life. He’s helped me edit lots of photos over the years!

Now that you know more about me, I'd love to hear all about you!

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